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What services does City Office Spaces offer?

City Office Spaces is a New York City commercial real estate company that helps business owners locate office space for rent. Rent or lease fully furnished, temporary, serviced short-term or long-term office spaces, business suites and executive suites in Manhattan. Our services are always 100% free with no fees.  Most important, we have access to the best office spaces for rent in New York City (NYC).


What benefits does City Office Spaces offer? Do you charge any fees?

Our services are always 100% free with no fees. We will never charge you any fees for the services we provide you. We will find you the best office spaces to rent in New York City (NYC). We'll help you find office space for rent in New York City.


What are the benefits of an Executive Suite / Business Center?

It's an easy, fast and hassle free way of setting up an office space for your business. There are many different types of business centers on the market ranging from the very basic walk-up building to the high end Class A buildings with every amenity imaginable. Upfront costs are minimal and license agreements are flexible, not requiring a long-term commitment.


What is a “traditional office lease” vs. a “license office agreement”?

A traditional office lease would be signed when you are searching for a more permanent long-term office space, which usually requires a much longer commitment and a substantial upfront investment of capital. A license office agreement is what an executive suite operator will have you sign before occupying a furnished office space. A license agreement gives both the landlord and tenant much more flexibility than a traditional lease.


What are the typical lengths of license agreements at an Executive Suite / Business Center?

Agreements can be anywhere from 1 to 12 months or longer. Usually by taking a 12 months agreement or longer you will benefit from the best rental rates and promotions that may be offered from the business center. It is all about flexibility.



Will I be able to renew my agreement if my company wants to stay longer?

Yes, typically when you are in good standing with the executive suite operator, they will be happy to offer the option to renew your license agreement to accommodate a longer stay in your serviced office space.


What happens if my company outgrows the space and needs something larger?

You should have the option to take additional furnished office space with your current business center as your company expands and your needs change.


What if I need to transfer the location of my company before the license agreement has expired?

Most of the business centers we work with in New York City (NYC) have multiple building locations, some even outside of Manhattan. Each operator has different policies on transferring between locations during your license agreement, but the vast majority will do everything possible to accommodate the transfer request.


What is typically included in my rent payment at an Executive Suite / Business Center?

At a minimum, you’ll typically get a furnished office with an attended reception area, conference room access, utilities, basic cleaning, kitchen facilities, and professional on-site management staff. Additional services and amenities may be available depending on the business center you choose.


How is the price of the office space determined within the Business Suite?

Executive suites in New York City (NYC) are price based upon a couple of factors. 1) The actual size of the office space. 2) If the office is a windowed or interior space. Windowed spaces always rent for a premium. Of course the location and grade of the building will also be factored into the overall price.


Are there any additional expenses that I need to be aware of?

It depends on the business center and how they price their serviced office spaces. Typically you will have a base rent for the office and then pay for the use of technology services such as phone and Internet access. The cost for these services is different for each provider. There are a few business centers in New York City (NYC) that are "all inclusive" and bundle these services in the base rent.


Why are there no prices shown on the property listings throughout the City Office Spaces website?

Office pricing really varies between executive suite operators in the city due to a number of factors such as current availability, building location, amenities provided, and quality of the interior finishes. A City Office Spaces representative will be able to provide current pricing information on the locations you may be interested in viewing and recommend others that are within your desired budget.


Are there any rental discounts or promotions available that I could benefit from?

Yes, from time to time you will be able to benefit from a rental promotion when you rent a furnished office space. Working with a City Office Spaces agent will help you find the best deals for offices for rent quickly, as we have close relationships with our office providers and are aware of any promotions currently being offered to new tenants.


What is the typical security deposit due when I sign the office space license agreement?

Usually you will end up paying a two-month security deposit when you sign your office space license agreement. This will be held by the executive suite operator throughout the duration of your tenancy and refunded once you vacate the premises, minus any unpaid expenses or damages.


How long does it take to process the office rental application paperwork?

It's fast! Just like the pace of everything else in New York City (NYC). Your rental application will be processed immediately; you will sign your license agreement, pay your initial deposit and make arrangements to move-in. Most of the time, you can accomplish your move-in less than 24 hours from the time of application. Rest assured, we'll help you find office space for rent in New York City.


Where in Manhattan can I find an Executive Suite / Business Center?

Luckily Manhattan has a number of finished office centers throughout the city to choose from. A City Office Spaces representative will be able to recommend which fully furnished office centers best fit your search criteria.


Do any of the offices have views of the city?

Yes, we have office providers with business centers in some of Manhattan's finest high-rise buildings that offer breathtaking views of New York City (NYC). If you want city views from your office, we can help you find them.


Is it possible to bring my own office furniture?

Most office suites will allow you to bring your own furniture, if that is your preference. However, most offices are fully furnished office spaces.


Will a receptionist answer my calls?

This is dealt with on a case-by-case basis depending on the business center and whether or not they offer this service. You will most likely pay a fee in addition to the base rent in order to utilize a live receptionist.


Do most Executive Suites / Business Centers offer a kitchen area?

Yes, you will find kitchen facilities within the business centers we have available in Manhattan. Some even offer complimentary continental breakfast, coffee & tea, and snack vending machines for your convenience


Will I have access to my office anytime I need it?

You will have full access to your private furnished office space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The executive suite operator will issue keys to your office space and security identification cards at the time you sign your license agreement. You will alwaysh have access to your office spaces for rent.


Will I have a phone & Internet connection?

Internet and phone are available at all the business center locations. Usually you will have an additional monthly fee depending on which technology services you choose. There are a few executive suite locations in New York City (NYC) that offer an "all inclusive" set up that includes the technology services in the base rent.


What speed is the Internet connection?

Internet speeds are vital in today's world to get your work done in a time efficient manner. All of the business centers we work with should have more than sufficient bandwidth and speed to accommodate your company's needs.


Will I have my company’s name listed in the directory in the lobby?

This depends on the building's policies at each individual business center.


Does security or concierge attend the building lobby?

Most of the executive suites we work with do have a front desk attendant in the lobby to identify and sign-in visitors to the building.


How can City Office Spaces help me locate an Executive Suite / Business Center?

City Office Spaces provides a free service to companies that are actively looking for a turnkey furnished office space. We will listen carefully to your office search requirements and recommend executive suites in Manhattan that fit your specific criteria.


What does City Office Spaces charge for their office search services?

Nothing. It is absolutely FREE! We have already arranged compensation agreements with every business center in New York City (NYC) that we recommend to our clients. If you rent an office at one of these locations they will pay us directly.


What is the benefit of working with City Office Spaces vs. doing my own office search?

The biggest advantage is we can save you time during your office search since we have pre-existing relationships with multiple New York City (NYC) business center operators making it easy to schedule appointments quickly. In addition we have already seen the office centers we offer and can filter a list of properties to a select few that best fit your situation. Once you find an office space for rent that works, we are also available to advise on the negotiation of your agreement in order to obtain the best terms. Rest assured, we'll help you find office space for rent in New York City.


What is the process of working with City Office Spaces? What can I expect?

Our initial phone consultation with you will give us the opportunity to go over your office search requirements in detail. Immediately after our consultation we will reach out to our business center contacts to identify furnished office spaces that are currently on the market that fit your criteria. We will narrow down the list of options and assist with scheduling the showings of the office spaces and provide you knowledgeable guidance throughout your entire office search process. Our goal is to make finding your serviced office as efficient as possible.


Can City Office Spaces help me locate a furnished office outside of Manhattan?

We currently focus on the office spaces for rent and executive suites for rent markets in Manhattan only.


What’s the best way to get in contact with a City Office Spaces agent for assistance with my office search?

It’s easy to get in touch with us. Give us a call at (800) 265-0325 or send an email to: [email protected]. Alternatively visit City Office Spaces and submit your contact details or engage us in an instant message chat there. We look forward to hearing from you and finding you the best office space for rent.


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